Nano Technology is a term that refers to the size of the pores within the membrane in the filter, measured in Nanometres. The filter its-self is in the form of a porous membrane through which water can pass but not particles.

We have over 3000 sites around the world. The majority of which are around the equatorial belt where rain or ground water is prolific but always contaminated with microbial hazards.

We would recommend simply taking the filter and rinsing it with any available water source such as river or pond. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to keep the mouth piece clean and dry and out of the water. Only the filter needs to be rinsed.

The 1000ltr rating on the H2GO Bottle refers to the amount of water that can pass through the filter before it needs to be changed.

Our H2GO Carry Can is a robust and high output portable water purification system producing safe and clean water from any given water source. The AntiBac Steri Can is a patented safe way to collect and store clean water, replacing traditional collection vessels. It is utilised in combination with the R1 system to collect drinking water and through the use of our silver anode linings, it ensures the clean water remains safe for consumption.

Simply rinse all parts of the filter in the water source that you are using.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to keep all mouth or tap pieces away from the unclean water as there is no need to clean these parts in regular use however you may sterilise them after utilising it. This can be done with hot water and soap or locally available baby bottle sterilising tablets.

The H2GO technology is a microbial and viral removal filter, it removes all PARTICULATES in the water. Chemicals such as mercury are held in solution at an atomic level within the water. If chemical contamination is suspected, there is little alternative than to find a different source of water rain, river, pond or even a puddle can be used with the H2GO technology.

We offer an electronic control sensor that is used to control an electronic pump, please contact us directly for information and engineering support.

On average 12ltrs per minute depending upon the level within the tank.

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H2GO Global is primarily a water technology company that provides solutions for the global humanitarian crisis of water poverty and lack of sanitation. Our products are efficient and effective to be utilised in times of emergency. We have previously worked with governments and relevant parties to provide disaster relief aid to affected communities.

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Yes we do! We are continuously looking for ways to work in partnership with others so that our work will have as much impact as possible. We work with national and local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), networks, research and academic institutions and community-based organizations, among others. We work with them to increase our effectiveness in solution implementation, advocacy and activism.

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Here are some fundraising ideas:

Donate a special day like your birthday by urging for donations instead of gifts.

Plan a run or walk, raising awareness of women and children in the developing world who walk each day to collect water.

Take an athletic approach to turn your sweat into safe water. Ask friends and family to support you as you gear up for your run, bike, swim or other athletic event.

Plan a food or bake sale or lemonade or hot cocoa stand.

Fundraise to purchase H2GO products, for it to be donated to a community in need.

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