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The NanoCarb Cartridge is our core filter utilised in all H2GO filtration systems and is scaled to the size of each product. Within the cartridge, the nanotech pores filter out any viruses, bacteria, particles and sediments larger than 15 nanometres whereas the size of the smallest virus is 20 nanometres. This functions as the final layer of filtration, leaving behind clean and safe drinking water. The nanotech pores are housed in by an internal shield to protect it from any damage.

Encasing the internal shield and nanotech pores is a layer of activated carbon that eliminates bad taste and odour from contaminants present in the water source. The material is woven to form a thick but flexible layer that has a long life span, ultra-high absorbency rates and increased resistance to degradation giving all H2GO filters long and efficient durability. Finally, it is all shielded by a free sponge holding the elements together whilst an external shield is utilised to protect the overall cartridge.

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• Filters 2,000,000 litres of water before needing to be changed

• Removes all chemicals, odours and tastes

• Removes all microbiological contaminants

• No chemicals, ultraviolet or boiling needed

* All H2Go Water Purification products use Nano Filtration Membranes certified to NSF standard 419 and 61. For a copy of our certification, please email us at [email protected]


The membrane type that H2GO systems uses in its products are of identical composition and are manufactured according to the same production instructions and conditions as the membrane types certified under NSF AISI Standard 61 in the U.S.A and according to the KTW recommendations of BGA (Health Ministry) of Germany.

Epoxy Resin:
The epoxy resin by H2GO systems in the manufacture of its nano cartridges is identical to the resin certified under NSF AISI Standard 61.

FDA and EC Compliance:
Both Materials are in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the requirements of the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act according to 21CFR 177.1440 (filter resin) and 21CFR 177.2440 (membranes). H2GO further confirms that the membranes and the filter resin in compliance with the EC Directive 2002/72/EC of 6th August 2002 (Materials in contact with foodstuffs)

Activated Carbon:
The activated carbon used in the manufacture of H2GO NanoCarb cartridges has been tested in accordance with the Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects Standards NSF/ANSI-42 The carbon filter is made from Coconut Shell based activated carbon and is approved for us in drinking water units as per NSF Standard 41. The Coconut Shell is manufactured from NSF 61 Certified Coconut Shell Green Carbon.


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