The Journey of Providing Safe and Sterile Drinking Water

h2goadminBy h2goadminFebruary 13, 20204 Minutes

71% of the Earth is covered in water. We have 7 seas, 165 major rivers, 300 million lakes, all containing 300 million trillion litres of water. Wow, that’s a lot of water! 

Despite this, men, women and children literally die of thirst every single day. 

All of this is because we lack drinkable water on a planet that is literally covered in it. 

Imagine that you are the mother of four children. You live in a remote village deep in the interior. Every other week, your Son, your Daughter, your Husband, your Neighbour is falling sick. Less than a year ago, your 4 year-old Son died in your arms from dehydration due to a severe case of diarrhoea. 

The nearest medical facility to where you are is a 5 day-walk and you will never forgive yourself for not embarking on that journey. What is causing all this suffering?

Could it be the water that is being used?

Water in your village is not easy to come by. Every morning, before sunrise, you and your two daughters, one aged 13 and the other 9, trek for 3 hours to the nearest river to collect as much water for your family that your 3 backs can carry. This water is anything but clean. It’s “flavoured with waste, faeces and dirt” but you have no choice but to boil it and hope that it’s safe for consumption. Every day while making this journey you ask yourself ‘Shouldn’t my two precious girls be going to school instead?”

This is the reality for millions of people, on different locations on Earth. 

Over 1 billion people lack access to sterile drinking water.

This journey was in one of the most remote and rural areas we could go to. People there have no clean drinking water and all they have is the river water. No piping means or infrastructure, no electricity or decent source of power, so they had to drink whatever water they found which made many of them suffer from water-borne diseases.

We left the city in the morning, and after a few hours of driving on the highway,  we reached the area, we were shocked at how difficult it is to deliver our R1 systems to the community. We had to cross the river with old tiny boats, which took us some time to finally arrive at the village. 

Everyone there was pleased to know that this big blue tank will bring them safe water. Kids were celebrating and the elders felt happy for the village. 

We installed our R1 System there and had face-to-face demonstrations and trainings with the community.  The R1 system provides an instant and long term solution to the provision of safe water in remote rural areas, such as the village.

It wasn’t an easy journey but seeing the kids enjoying the fresh safe water was worth it all. The R1 system will provide a village of 200 people with continuously safe and sterile drinking water for up to 3 years.