Disaster Relief

When a disaster strikes, communities need to be prepared. Medical teams and equipment need to be dispersed, food needs to be distributed and shelters need to be arranged in a hurry but undoubtedly, the most urgent need will be clean water. The ability to distribute clean water during a natural disaster is crucial and this ability depends on having reliable water filtration systems in place ahead of time. The H2GO solutions are an efficient, practical, and cost-effective method for providing sterile water during disaster relief efforts.


H2GO provides hassle-free solutions to serve large communities that are in need of clean and sterile water without the usage of additional facilities. The H2GO Carry Can caters to communal needs while the H2GO Bottle fulfils needs of individuals across the globe.


Working together will create an opportunity to influence positive change in society. Collaborate with H2GO for your company’s CSR initiative to make a lasting difference and empower communities to break out of water poverty with our effective solutions.


H2GO has the right solution for you and your loved ones to stay hydrated all the time, regardless if you’re traveling individually or as a family. The H2GO Carry Can provides clean drinking water for an entire family while the H2GO bottle can be easily carried around by individuals during their time in the outdoors.


Our soldiers put their lives at stake everyday for our safety thus it is our responsibility to ensure their well-being. With H2GO’s standalone systems that provides versatile options for large teams, small teams and individuals, clean water is accessible by all.

Daily Use

The H2GO Bottle is ideal for your personal needs as it is small and portable thus making it convenient for daily use and travel. Attain safe drinking water on-the-go wherever you are!