At H2GO Global, we have established a network of glove sourcing and manufacturing across the ASEAN region, as we work to deliver a range of products to reliably meet the constant demand in the supply chain. We offer a range of products which include Nitrile Gloves, using high quality synthetic rubber mixes, as well as Latex (natural rubber) gloves. We provide a variety of services which include but aren’t limited to sourcing, general consultation, compliance expertise and manufacturing. Our team works directly with reputable factories, ensuring that they comply with ethical practices and top-notch compliance certifications. We place great emphasis on inspection of our operations, from raw material to finished goods, to ensure the consistency and high quality of our products.



    • Sourcing
    • General Consultation
    • Compliance Expertise
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehouse Inspection


  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • CE, FDA 510(k), Module B
  • Module C2 or Module D
  • EN 455 1/2/3/4
  • EN374 1/2/4/5 (ISO 16604)
  • EN ISO 16523
  • EN ISO 21420