Best of Humanitarian Technology 2019

h2goadminBy h2goadminDecember 1, 20192 Minutes


Around the world, illnesses and deaths in remote areas are often linked to either water related or sanitary related problems. At least two billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces globally according to the World Health Organization.

H2GO, a water technology company, is on a mission to eradicate water poverty and provide safe drinking water straight out of running taps, something that would not have been possible without its cutting edge H2GO technology, direct to global village communities that need them the most. With this new technology, the organisation intends to provide safe-drinking water provisions to the more rural communities locally and worldwide as well as sustainable solutions for the disaster relief sector.

In daily use by over 1.7 million people around the world, H2GO technology is changing the lives of people by providing clean water at the turn of the tap in seconds, rather than hours. This means higher water consumption per capita, more expendable time for the recipients, zero waterborne illnesses, higher school attendance rates for children and other long-term health benefits.

Amidst the slew of other austerity protocols, of which we may not have time to mention, safe drinking water provisions does seem to stand out among the list of other remarkable humanitarian achievements.

With a long history in providing clean drinking water to remote areas across the globe, H2GO prides itself on touching people’s lives worldwide. The technology does not even need electricity to be present when providing provisions. It has been an ongoing problem, one easily corrected with the use of 21st century technology. With that, H2Go deserves the accolade of being the most outstanding humanitarian technology in 2019.

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