Clean Water for Everyone, Everywhere

Pledging to provide clean drinking water to marginalised communities worldwide

h2goadminBy h2goadminApril 13, 20215 Minutes

Malaysia’s upcoming food company Meals In Minutes (MIM) looks forward to contributing to society in a meaningful way. Realising the gravity of water scarcity worldwide, Meals In Minutes has collaborated with H2GO Global, a water tech company, for a long-term give back partnership. For every pack of food that is purchased from MIM, 1 litre of clean drinking water is donated to communities in need.

The impact of COVID-19 is urging a new era for corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Organisations must identify areas of their business practices that impact communities and the environment, in order to put in place initiatives that will elevate them from poverty. Water risks cut across all industry sectors including energy and extractives, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, pharmaceuticals, food and apparel. Considering that water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, it’s ironic to witness that one of the biggest crises worldwide is water scarcity or rather water poverty.

“Water is an integral part of Meals In Minutes’ business ecosystem, and the ability to enable access to clean and reliable sources of water is vital to the health and livelihood of communities around the world. In the past year as our company has grown, we’ve been committed to the idea of contributing in a meaningful way. The Meals In Minutes team is exhilarated to be partnering with H2GO Global that have been relentlessly working towards eradicating the global water crisis through their cutting-edge solutions. This partnership will truly demonstrate a game-changing approach in overcoming this humanitarian crisis,” said Brandon Lim, Founder and CEO of Meals In Minutes.

In the past decade, H2GO Global has worked alongside various government entities and corporations to reach out to communities facing water scarcity through their innovative solutions. The organisation has varied systems to fulfil the needs of these communities, such as:

  • Communal Solution (H2GO R1 System) – With a production capacity of 2 million litres and a storage capacity of 2,000 litres – the R1 system provides a village of 200 people with clean drinking water for up to 3 years.
  • Family Solution (H2GO Carry Can) – An efficient portable water filter that provides sufficient clean water for a whole family every day, so they no longer have to walk for hours to fetch sterile water.
  • Individual Solution (H2GO Bottle) – Ensures clean drinking water within seconds, anytime, anywhere. It produces up to 1,000 litres of clean drinking water without the need for any additional equipment or materials.

“COVID-19 has made us considerably more productive and compassionate; it has accelerated business plans and brought business leaders together to make the lives of those in underprivileged communities better. We are glad to witness companies become more aware of their social responsibility as this encourages a new wave of business operations and economy. I am proud that H2GO is able to serve as a catalyst for businesses with the commitment to provide clean drinking water around the world. It is partnerships like this, that will aid in ending one of the most pressing and universal challenges our time – the global water crisis,” said Dr.Rajiv Bhanot, CEO of H2GO Global.

Khiara Mia, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Meals In Minutes shares that “Meals In Minutes was created to simplify cooking and minimise preparation times for hectic lifestyles. Additionally, at the heart of our business, we seek to empower and equip marginalised individuals with basic needs. When business owners help them become self-sufficient; this ultimately paves the way for a more progressive society. We believe that all businesses big and small should play their part in increasing awareness regarding important global issues. Not everyone can dedicate their lives to social impact work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute. We decided to promote this collaboration on the front of our labels to ensure this issue was getting the attention it deserves. What is pocket change to us that can be life changing for someone else and that’s a crucial mindset to have in working towards making a difference. We’re confident that our customers will be very excited to participate in an initiative such as this, knowing that every dollar they spend has an impact.”