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We are so excited to conclude our #MakeWaves campaign and share the artwork with all of you. The official Inktober prompt list highlighted a range of words that may seem impossible to relate to the ongoing water crisis, however, the outcome was well received on all our platforms.

Word: Fish

Artist: Myasquerade

Usually when a water crisis occurs, humans only think that it’s hard to do daily chores when we don’t get enough clean water. We pay less attention to fishes and marine life; how important water is for them as well. Fishes are totally dependent upon water to breathe, feed and grow. Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. If there was no water then there would no be life on earth. That was the inspiration that I got when this collaboration was offered to me with the word FISH. So this was based on my own interpretation as well as highlighting the water crisis.

Word: Bulky

Artist: Artthoukat

Mainly inspired by H2GO Global’s website. Since the prompt given to me was “Bulky” which in other word means heavy or enormous, so what I’m trying to spread through my artwork is that water crisis is a “heavy” issue and it is everyone’s issue. The human figure represents the people/or country that face water crisis in their community. While the elephant represents Animal Kingdoms because they too experience the same issue. The container that the human figure and the elephant are carrying represents the water crisis issue.

Word: Fancy

Artist: Whamonster

I was intrigued by H2GO Global’s #makewaves campaign and how they incorporated the annual Inktober challenge into it to spread awareness about the water crisis that has been happening in the world for a long time. When I got the prompt #fancy the first thing that came to my mind was to highlight the obvious inequality when it comes to water poverty. So I decided to visualise exactly that. Everyone deserves the right to clean water, and I hope we, as the human race, achieve that soon.

Word: Hope

Artist: Sofsdoodles

It always baffles me that communities do not have access to sterile water. How governments do not focus on providing this to their citizens. It’s a basic human right, a necessity to live. I wanted to help spread awareness on how communities suffer from water poverty. I wanted to capture my bafflement at how water has become a commodity and is unaccessible. But I also wanted to provide a solution: that helping spread the idea that water should be a basic human right. Making people aware will make them care more, making them more proactive.

Word: Slippery

Artist: Ryeoko

It took me awhile to decide on what illustration would best depict the contemporary issues in the society. I only had to take a short ‘trip’ to the sink for me to realise it’s been part of my life all along. Having access to clean water has been an on-going issue in the community but we often look pass the importance of providing easy access to basic sanitisation products especially soaps. Living in a pandemic era, soaps are seen as the new block of gold that can help reduce the spread of the COVID-19. UNICEF recently reported that 40% of the global population are living without water and soap within their household. This alarming figure show that change is necessary to ensure everyone has rights to basic sanitisation and protection against the deadly virus.

Word: Dune

Artist: Nasransairan

I did not know about H2GO Global before they approach me to do this collaboration. However, I felt inspired once I read about this organisation – their achievements and mission. I wanted to be part of the #makewaves campaign to spread awareness about water crisis through my artwork. Our water sources that have been contaminated (sand dune represents the unwanted particles) need to be treated first before being consumed. The pipe (filter) provides clean water to mankind and living creatures combined. As time passes (hourglass), we may lose clean water sources if we do not take care of the environment. This will cause a negative impact to people in the rural area. It is important to consume treated water (clean from contamination) but we also shouldn’t cause any harm to the environment and protect our water sources.

Word: Armor

Artist: Hvbil

“Armor” often relates to protecting someone especially in a battle. The same goes for water, it protects the whole world’s community. Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate and maintain other bodily functions. This is how vital water protects us to stay alive. However, upon the rising of water crisis issues, water scarcity is expected to worsen the overall population. You never know the worth of water until it runs dry. As the saying goes, “Conserve water, conserve life”.

Word: Storm

Artist: Hsulynn

Clean water is not something we worry about if we have an abundance of it. Yet, there are people in parts of the world who don’t have access to something so vital to our livelihoods which we take for granted. Just like a storm, it’s not something most people are excited about but if it’s in a hot desert that hasn’t rained in months, it’s welcomed with open arms

Word: Trap

Artist: Brandon___16

My inspiration for this illustration came from the struggles my family and I faced during times when there was not enough water to go around in our neighbourhood. I felt trapped in many ways but the most challenging situation was staying physically clean and feeling ready to take on the day. It is only when you do not have a running tap that you realise how much water we actually use each day. That being said, I believe water is essential and a human right. We should all play our part in making sure everyone has access to water. I am doing my part through my art.

Word: Sleep

Artist: Byflwrsartwork

“STAY HYDRATED” The relationship between water and sleep is a two-way street. We have all heard that hydration can help us function better throughout the day, but it is also important for a good night’s rest. The illustration is about a hydrated blooming woman who takes enough water intake has a healthier skin and can sleep better at nights. Sleep is essential to good health. Rest is essential to being well. The effects of dehydration are similar to the effects of lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough water, you may feel sluggish, experience mood swings and in general, just feel off. But, did you know that not getting enough water can also impact your quality of sleep? So Drink more water, Your Skin, your Body , your Mind will thank you.

Word: Rip

Artist: Mintdumpling

The main reason is to create awareness on how important clean water is to us. Water is the most important thing in life. It is a part of our body too since 60% of our body consists of water. However, people might think that we have enough water for everyone in the world. Truth is, we do have enough water, but we do not have enough clean water for all. Some do not have access to it. And I am here to stress on how important clean water is. Many people do not know the causes of water scarcity. Let’s get back to the foundation of it. It all started with people who destroy animal habitat and other natural resources to gain personal wealth. This illustration shows that if we do not destroy things like these, we can get a lot; no more water scarcity, clean fresh air, beautiful scenery, etc. This is just not for us to enjoy but also our future generation.

Word: Buddy

Artist: Caryln2doodle

My inspiration came when I was deeply impacted after reading about how 6000 children die of preventable water-disease everyday! Everybody deserves to have access to clean & safe water. Here I want to show that water is our body’s best buddy and the happy faces of the kids when they are healthy & free from diseases. WE as a single entity, that is HUMANITY, must do our part in order to help to reduce water poverty and for a better and brighter future.

Word: Float

Artist: Yanatures

Safe and clean water is a basic human right, not a privilege and everyone deserves an easy access for it whether it’s for personal use or to just have fun. I wish it’s not trash that could float but us too, enjoying the pretty blue skies.

Word: Ominous

Artist: Haris Rashid

I think water is very important for our well being and is a basic human right. We need raise more awareness on ways of conserving it and making it sustainable. I was inspired by a picture posted on H2go Instagram. For the word “ominous” , I depict the water she’s touching as something unknown and unsafe because of pollution

Always #MakeWaves

“Art is the most effective mode of communications that exists.” John Dewey

Due to their expressive nature and the possibility of multiple interpretations, works of art allow encourages for conversation on challenging and difficult subjects. Join us on our journey and stay tuned as we work towards ending the water crisis.