Make Waves with Artists

h2goadminBy h2goadminOctober 28, 20204 Minutes

This year has been a truly historical, intense and unprecedented time for our state, our country, and our world. While navigating the scary unknowns of a worldwide pandemic, you all have grown and evolved tremendously.

While we reflect back, let us not forget there are bigger crises that have been a major part of our society for decades. There are some whose entire lives are spent facing challenges and uncertainties, thus is this crisis unfamiliar to them?

Let’s Get Inking

Realising that, it is our responsibility to educate each other on this global humanitarian crisis, we launched an exciting campaign, #MakeWaves. The campaign was in conjunction with #Inktober, an annual art challenge created by artist Jake Parker to promote positive and daily drawing habits that help artists improve their artistic skillsets. Each day in October, thousands of artists across the world create an ink drawing, based on the official Inktober prompt list, and post it on their platforms using the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2020.

This campaign witnessed a collaboration with artists to highlight the global water crisis through art. With the mission to eradicate water poverty worldwide, H2GO Global systems utilise the latest and most advanced British Nanotechnology. In today’s world of abundance, no one should have to suffer due to the lack of clean water. Yet, globally more than 1.2 billion people are trapped in water poverty and 3.5 million die each year due to this crisis. When we put an end to this crisis, we empower adults and children to do better for themselves.

Art & Water

We at H2GO Global were extremely excited to team up with artists to help promote positive drawing habits and build an online community where they can share their work whilst shedding light on prevalent issues in our society.

Over the past decade, we have been working on the ground to provide clean and safe drinking water in marginalised communities however recently, we have begun to realise the need to educate the current generation in regard to this crisis. We’re glad to partner with young talent to help raise awareness through their creative lens. As for the artists, being able to share their artwork within a community is the ultimate experience,” says Dr.Rajiv Bhanot, H2GO Global, CEO

The official Inktober prompt list highlighted a range of words that may seem impossible to relate to the ongoing water crisis, however, the outcome was well received on the H2GO platforms. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook page and show us some love for this campaign!

Together, For Everyone, Everywhere

This pandemic was an opportunity to reset our social responsibility as human beings. When we finally emerge from it, let us embrace solidarity and learn to care more about one another, knowing we have the courage to resolve, survive and drive positive change. Look beyond the barrier of separation created in our minds, we are all part of one nation, one spirit, and one powerful force. Therefore, to care for others is to care for yourself, to care for yourself is to care for others, and to care for Earth is to care for everyone.