It is Our Responsibility

h2goadminBy h2goadminAugust 11, 20205 Minutes

“I will build a big filtration system and place it in the middle of the sea, to get clean and safe water for those in need”

These were the words of Suraya, a 12-year-old girl from Fugee school, who was shocked and sad when she learned about the water crisis.

Educating the Next Generation

Education is the fundamental key in empowering young minds to influence a change in whichever they can. This is a critical solution that will allow people to break through the cycle of poverty and vulnerability. As an integral part of our mission towards eradicating water poverty, we visited Fugee school to share with the students on the gravity of this crisis. Our team had an interactive session with young students who come from underprivileged communities yet couldn’t imagine the crisis we are facing with drinking water in some parts of the world.

With over half of the world’s schools lacking access to safe water and sanitation facilities, the upcoming generation ought to take action. We, the youth of today act as a bridge for them to understand more about the current situation.

Expanding their horizons through fun and educational activities that explain the consequences of water poverty, lack of sanitation and hygiene has urged them to be curious about the situation of who are stricken by this unfortunate crisis.

Is This Magic?

This experience allowed us to realise how creative and innovative teenagers can be when they understand and emphasise with those in marginalised communities.

Hope is what we could see it in their eyes when we shared that many care about this crisis and many who are doing their best to help eradicate water poverty. The best moment for me, was when they watched the demonstration of our H2GO Bottle. The look of amazement on their faces was enough for us to remind each other the purpose of this journey. Their curiosity and questions reassured our belief that the upcoming generation is one with a big mind and even bigger hearts.

It’s magic! They said. This is the power of science combined with the desire of influencing a change for the painful reality we live in. Our team shared more about the H2GO solutions and explained how our technology has done wonders however it was also filled with hope that one of them will find better solutions and take our journey further.

But let’s take a moment, is it only about the lack of clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene?

Detrimental Consequences

No, the answer is No! Water poverty severely affects every aspect of the community in ways that forever traps them in state vulnerability. The youth of today have a responsibility to educate the youth of tomorrow. Children in communities that lack access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are unable to attend school because they are sick with waterborne diseases. Particularly for young girls, it is quite troublesome as schools are devoid of proper toilets, it becomes very challenging for adolescent girls to continue their studies.

Especially when they have to spend long hours each day fetching water for their family. While for those who are able to attend, unclean drinking water causes water-borne diseases which results in poor academic performance and bad health. In all, we realise that water poverty is one that deeply affects various aspects of life and it is vital for the current generation to realise the situation.

For us, addressing the students at Fugee school about these issues urged them to feel more responsible for their generation. By the end of the session, every one of them wanted to contribute and be a part of the solution.

It is our responsibility to find a solution. And everyone’s responsibility to be part of it.